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Recovering the historical memory

Manifesto against the Damnatio Memoriae of: the International Brigades, The Ebro Battle and Algars Battle by the wind turbines massification in the Terra Alta County.

We all agree with a new energy model based on renewable energies, but what kind of model? We cannot admit, in any way, a model that is imposed on us and that doesn’t take conscience with our Historical Memory.

The International Brigades represented the maximum expression of the international popular solidarity, as well as the maximum sacrifice for freedom and democracy. His memory is not only a reference for the defense of the values and attitudes that have led us to democracy; it is a legacy of identity. We are those who fight against the injustices of the world: unequal redistribution, sexist violence and patriarchal system, the destruction of nature and their ecosystems, the pollution of our planet, the exploitation of the proletarian class, human trafficking, racism, the veto of free movement… That is why international volunteers are an example to follow, a life lesson and the Historical Memory of one of the most important struggles of the 20th century.

The building imposed of a wind turbines central in the mountain range of Caseres and the municipality of Batea will destroy the material vestiges (trenches, shelters, mass graves …) of the resistance of the International Brigades during the retreats from Aragon. With this destruction of the historical heritage, a Damnatio Memoriae of these events and of the spirit of international solidarity that exemplified this military unit is produced.

Energy companies, with the complicity of the Government of Generalitat de Catalunya, have looked out for the economic interest of energy companies, attacking the historical memory of all the society. As always, the popular classes mobilize for the defense of our legacy, it will not erase the memory of the nameless! Like 80 years ago, the proletarians of the entire world has come together to defend the memory of a cause that is global and corresponds to the struggles for the defense of freedom and human dignity.

For this reason, associations from all over the world and professionals in the field demand the immediate stop and desist of the projects of the wind turbines centrals “El Sequet”, “Les Crestes”, “Tramuntana 5” i “Empedrats”. Don’t touch the historical memory of the International Brigades! Everyone is aware of the existence of mass graves of the International volunteers in the area; in 2019 it was verified with archaeological exhumations where the remains of combatants were recovered. This same year the remains of another combatant have appeared; this reminds us that we cannot abandon them at the desire of companies’ richness. We don’t accept that the Terra Alta continue to be overcrowded with wind turbines, we want to preserve the Spaces of the Battle of the Ebro and the Battle of the Algars. Enough wind speculation in Terra Alta.

To defend the dignity and memory of the International Brigades, we demonstrate! We will not step back! Long live to the International Brigades! No pasarán!

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